An inspiring note from the author:

Q. Why should people be interested in my 35 years of searching for the truths about life (during which time it was my number one priority), that included my completing 210 college units, deeply delving into 22 different philosophies and approaches to life, and that resulted in a book called Why Are We Here? which includes proofs of what this life is all about from the viewpoints of 14 different sciences? What is the good effect that all of this can have on someone if they invest time into it?

A. A good purpose of my book (and my journey) is to show that if someone was to analyze this life nearly full time and to the n-th degree (something that most people don’t have the time or budget to do), I guarantee that they would come to the conclusions that God exists and the Bible is a book containing only truth.

In my book I share 35 years of such analysis and how it came to those conclusions, as well as: what the meaning of life is, and what the logic is behind God’s relationship with humanity, and how that relationship has progressed over time, from its beginning to what its logical ending will be. It also shows what our individual relationship with God is and how we should optimally manifest our lives given that relationship and God’s great purpose (both with us individually and with humanity in general).

I show people how to direct their thinking so as to not get caught in the maze of all existing thinking on earth and even all possible thoughts, but rather to smoothly make it all the way through the maze to the final goal of knowing, seeing and understanding THE truth about this life.

And then having this information will show a person the most solid foundation possible for a life here on earth. And it is the one that has the power to elevate them to the optimum possible life on earth (as well as after this life).

(Regarding the need for religion, and the resistance to it in the mainstream culture, I wrote the following email to CNN Headline News in response to their asking for viewer's comments regarding the removal of the 10 Commandments sculpture from the courthouse in Alabama).

Kathleen and Renay,

Hi! It's so sad that in a country with so many moral problems that result in so much suffering for so many, that the only thing that I've found that has the ability to cure that...God and His not given free reign of expression in the mainstream. I say that "God and His Bible are the only solution" based on many years of searching (including some suffering) and finding thatnothing else worked (including extensive involvement in the mainstream's current guru: psychology).

So I'm excited to tell my fellow humans about this and how and why it works, but am somewhat restricted from being able to do so by the walking-on-eggshells reality regarding religious expression in the mainstream.
But I'm still working on it (and making some headway) through the fact that, based on my history in engineering, I've developed a scientific proof of the existence of God and the perfect credibility of the Bible. (Feel free to pass this information on:) You can see more about this and the very credible mainstream quotes that I've gotten for my book at my website:

Thank you,
Dennis Marcellino

A statement by the author of Why Are We Here?

The meaning behind the reason why we are here in this life is so-o-o positive and beautiful...
the explanation of it in Why Are We Here? is so clear and simple (boiling down to just one principle)...
I am very excited and very inSpired to deliver it
And if people could only know how powerful and helpful it is, they would be very excited to hear it
(and all the foundational “knowledge, understanding and wisdom” that it takes to “get it”).

This principle yields a very positive and true view of life.

Unfortunately, most people (secular and religious) are caught up in “survival mode”
as they try to pray, entertain or busy themselves through each day and its perceived difficulties.

I mean, God, His Bible and His mission are incredible and wonderful...
in fact, the most incredible and wonderful thing in this world by far.
But the incredibleness and wonderfulness of God, His Bible and mission has
greatly been lost in today’s world...and even in religions.

My hope is that I can pass on this vision that will elevate people above the modern approaches,
and revive a sensitivity to these realizations and to God and His love.
That is mainly why I wrote the book and why I speak.

In fact, I think that everyone needs to know these things
in order to successfully get through modern life and beyond.

But the Bible is not only the best source for knowing what not to do in order to avoid life’s pitfalls,
it also shows what to do in order to experience the greatest that life has to offer.
The following are some of the personal benefits that can be gained by investing time into studying the Bible and applying what it says: deep fulfillment, great purpose, functionality, freedom from addictions, peace, harmony (with others, God and your own being), beauty, reality, eternity, understanding life, higher states, knowledge, wisdom, greater control, clarity, the highest degree of freedom possible on earth, etc.

I also make music that mainly focuses on beauty
because music can be very powerful
in moving our emotions, breaking down our walls, and softening our heart.